Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Mystery Labyrinths Took Roughly 3 Years to Fully Develop

The Japanese site Famitsu recently interviewed the writer of the upcoming Spike Chunsoft mystery adventure Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, Kazutaka Kodaka, following the outlet’s preview of the game’s first chapter.

One of the notable exchanges concerns how much development time the Mystery Labyrinths took. And in shockingly impressive news, Kodaka revealed that it took roughly three years to perfect them.

Our team’s Ryuji translated the following passage:

Interviewer: The appearance of the  Mystery Labyrinth changes rapidly as you progress inside, and I was surprised at the variety of patterns for solving the riddles. Did you come up with the structure of the riddle labyrinth as necessary after writing the scenario?

Kodaka: Truthfully, creating the Mystery Labyrinths was very complicated. I think out of the six years of development, at least three were necessary to perfect them… (laughs)

Interviewer: T-Three years?!

Kodaka: Even when I explained the Mystery Labyrinths in words, it was difficult for the development staff to understand. The Mystery Labyrinths are places where the mysteriers of the cases are materialized, but all I got were questions such as “What do you mean by that?” and it was a bit hard to conceptualize it into reality. 

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Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE has players control an amnesiac detective who is followed by a Shinigami and solve cases by examining crime scenes and evidence. The Shinigami will create a realm connecting the crime scene to the truth. Mystery Phantoms will try to impede your progress, and defeating them by utilizing the truth is the only way to go.

The gameplay comprises exploration throughout the Kanai Ward, which is entirely 3D. Players will have to examine several crime scenes and other locations alongside interviewing involved parties. Hidden clues are emphasized as being hidden via specific camera angles.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE will launch for Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2023.

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