New Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Trailer Introduces Amaterasu Corporation; Pre-Orders & Season Pass Announced

Spike Chunsoft has shared a new character trailer for their upcoming mystery adventure Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, introducing members of the Amaterasu Corporation. Currently, only a Japanese version of the video is available. We’ll update this article if an English version is published. 

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE has players control an amnesiac detective who is followed by a Shinigami and solve cases by examining crime scenes and evidence. The Shinigami will create a realm connecting the crime scene to the truth. Mystery Phantoms will try to impede your progress, and defeating them by utilizing the truth is the only way to go.

The gameplay comprises exploration throughout the Kanai Ward, which is entirely 3D. Players will have to examine several crime scenes and other locations alongside interviewing involved parties. Hidden clues are emphasized as being hidden via specific camera angles.

Spike Chunsoft has announced that digital pre-orders are now available for the game’s standard version ($59.99). Additionally, the Digital Deluxe edition is available for pre-order, containing the following contents for $79.99:

  • Game – Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE
  • Digital Art Book – The Book of Death
  • Digital Soundtrack – Noise of Neon
  • Season Pass – Four DLC with substories featuring Master Detectives

*DLC can be used with full version of game and will be released sequentially after full version of game is released.
*Individual DLC can be downloaded from Nintendo eShop.
*Digital art book and digital soundtrack cannot be played in game. These are applications separate from full version of game.

Further, the Season Pass will be separately purchasable for $16.00, with each substory costing $5.00. The following release schedule was provided:

  • DLC 1 – July 2023
  • DLC 2 – August 2023
  • DLC 3 – September 2023
  • DLC 4 – October 2023

The Digital Deluxe edition price will become $89.99 once the game is released.

You can view the new Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE character trailer below:

UPDATE: An English version of the trailer is viewable below, alongside images of the newly introduced characters:

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code will launch for Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2023.

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