No Current Plans to Launch Master Detective Archives: Rain Code on Non-Switch Platforms, Says Spike Chunsoft

The news outlet Gematsu recently published an interview they conducted with the scenario writer of the upcoming mystery adventure Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, Kazutaka Kodaka.

One of the numerous questions asked was whether there were any plans for Rain Code to launch for other platforms in the future. Unfortunately, according to a Spike Chunsoft representative, there are no such plans for the title to greet non-Switch platforms.

The full quoted exchange is viewable below:

Your earlier titles have also released on PlayStationXbox, and PC. Are you considering releasing RAIN CODE on these platforms in the future?

Spike Chunsoft Representative: “No.”

(In an email after the interview, Spike Chunsoft clarified, “[Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE] is exclusive to Nintendo Switch, and we are planning release it on that platform only.”)

Discussions regarding Rain Code’s Switch exclusivity were presented in an interview Kodaka had with the Japanese outlet Denfaminicogamer back in November 2022. We provided translations for this interview, and one of the topics was how Spike Chunsoft decided on the game being Switch only, which Kodaka stated is because the title would just be buried if it launched everywhere at once.

The relevant question and response are quoted below:

Interviewer: Indeed. What we often see as a success pattern for indie games these days is that they initially release only on Steam, and if it gets popular enough and more people know more about it, they eventually also release it on other platforms. This is also true for the Switch, where a higher ranking on the Switch’s eShop brings the game to the attention of people who don’t know about it, especially those who aren’t really into following gaming news.

Kodaka: I agree. Going multi-platform is great, but if you do that, you just end up burying your game, and it won’t get as much attention.

Personally, I find this response pretty saddening since I prefer to play games on non-Switch platforms if possible. Still, it is what it is. Perhaps we’ll see Rain Code make its way to other platforms if it performs strongly.

master detectives archive rain code 8

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code has players control an amnesiac detective who is followed by a Shinigami and solve cases by examining crime scenes and evidence. The Shinigami will create a realm connecting the crime scene to the truth. Mystery Phantoms will try to impede your progress, and defeating them by utilizing the truth is the only way to go.

The gameplay comprises exploration throughout the Kanai Ward, which is entirely 3D. Players will have to examine several crime scenes and other locations alongside interviewing involved parties. Hidden clues are emphasized as being hidden via specific camera angles.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code will launch for Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2023.

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