About Us:

Noisy Pixel is a collective of dedicated gamers and writers from across the gaming industry. We are here to provide readers with opinions from actual players and fans of the industry. Our collective knowledge of genres, publishers, developers, and the industry as a whole makes Noisy Pixel the best place to receive your gaming coverage. We don’t regurgitate press releases or post about trailers that you can get anywhere (or by simply subscribing to a publisher’s YouTube channel). Instead, we are here to create a space for like-minded individuals to share their ideas and build a community that we can all be proud of.

Our focus is to be positive about the future of the gaming industry, but also critical. Our news coverage is diverse and may have mentions of political ideas and beliefs. We aim to cover video games, not to publically shame or belittle any groups of people. Our platform supports free speech, but we draw the line at hateful or hurtful statements.

Noisy Pixel believes that video games are supposed to fun, creative, emotionally charged, and thought-provoking. Our coverage will explore all of those ideas and more.

Our staff can be contacted at: [email protected]

Azario Lopez
Just wants to be excited about video games and share that excitement with others.
Mark DiMattei
Former video game nerd with a love for all things images and visual creativity. Waiting patiently for Halo Infinite.
Jacob Kavanagh
Senior Editor
Spends probably far too much time gushing over murder mysteries and death games.
Brian Lee
Professional goof and overall video game junkie.
Ian Goudelock
Senior Staff Writer
Collector and fanatic of all things Zelda. Has been known to play 30-year-old games as much as current ones. Also does art stuff.
Brock Jensen
Mobile Editor
Esports fan who's just as loud as the Oakland Raiders fans.
Justine Stacy
Host/Graphic Designer
Story of Seasons superfan and maker of things.
Jahanzeb Khan
Staff Writer
Old SEGA games will go up in value... you'll see!
Orpheus (Bailey) Joshua (Seemangal)
Staff Writer
Random gamer equally confused by the mainstream and the unusual. Fan of JRPGs, Action, Platformers, Rhythm and Adventure titles.
Kevin Mai
Staff Writer
A dork who can't stop rambling about things he likes. Loves Retro Games, Visual Novels, Anime, Tech, and much more!