The House in Fata Morgana Director Loved Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE; Hopes it Becomes a Series

Developer NOVECT recently uploaded their July 2023 development journal. Hanada Keika wrote this post, and he’s also known as a writer and director for The House in Fata Morgana.

The journal is pretty intricate, with behind-the-scenes details on the company’s upcoming visual novel Project Code Name “M.” A new background artist has joined the team, and the whole development process has been quite a bit of hard work.

However, there is one segment from Keika where he discussed the recently released Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE.

You can view Keika’s quoted thoughts on the RAIN CODE below, but be aware of the initial note provided:

*Note: this English blog is written by myself. I’m not an English speaker, so forgive me if some parts are difficult to understand.

*Regarding the genre classification of mystery, we call it “特殊ミステリunique mystery” or “本格ミステリauthentic mystery,” but I’m not sure if the English translations are correct. Sorry if I didn’t get my point across.

“As an adventure lover, I had to do it!

So I completed it soon after its release. It was a challenging work that, while being the spiritual successor to Danganronpa, charted a new direction. Since master detectives (amazing detectives with supernatural powers) appears, I thought it was a Unique Mystery, but this time it was classic type mystery.

This may have been an intentional differentiation as well. While I think Danganronpa is a unique mystery genre (the rules of the death game influenced the trick, and it was possible because of the super talent), Raincode carefully depicts mystery, and I had the impression that it was trying to open the gate to this genre to many people.

I hope they make it a series, and I want to experience more tricks!

Also, the sharpness Kodaka-san’s text was still fantastic, and I was filled with gratitude for the great work I experienced.

I recommend it!

My favorite character is Shinigami-chan!”

You can view the July 2023 NOVECT development journal on PIXIV Fanbox for additional development details and more comments from Keika.

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