Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE DLC 1 Releasing July 2023: Special Launch Message from Kodaka

Spike Chunsoft has announced the DLC release schedule for their recently-released supernatural mystery adventure Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE. There will be four DLCs, with the first, Ch. Desuhiko: Charisma Killed the Cat, releasing on July 27, 2023, for $5.00.

The focus will be on the following character:

unnamed 1 1
Desuhiko Thunderbolt
Japanese VA: KENN
English VA: Khoi Dao –
A young man with a goofball nature who likes hitting on women under the guise of investigation. Desuhiko’s goal is to become famous as a mystery-solving superstar detective. He carries a huge backpack filled with tools necessary for his disguises.

His Forensic Forte, Disguise, does the following:

“In addition to disguising his clothes and face, his voice, height, and weight can also be changed, allowing him to match the target of disguise visually and psychologically.”

The Season Pass will become available on July 27, 2023, for $16.00 and include the following content alongside the aforementioned first DLC content:

  • Four DLC with substories featuring Master Detectives
    *Each DLC will also be available individually for $5.00.
  • DLC 2 available August 2023
  • DLC 3 available September 2023
  • DLC 4 available October 2023

The Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE writer and director Kazutaka Kodaka also shared a special message commemorating the title’s launch.


Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is available on Nintendo Switch.

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