Is Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Connected to Danganronpa?

The Danganronpa series concluded in 2017 with the release of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. The conclusion of that game would divide fans on whether it was the best way to conclude the series. However, the topic is still brought up six years later, which only reflects how much the series meant to players.

With the release of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, many wonder if this series has any connections to the Danganropa series. While playing, I searched for anything to tie these two worlds together. I looked in every display window, the background of scenes, and anywhere I felt the developer would hide a reference to the Death Game series.

I probably could have looked harder, but after the credits rolled and I replayed chapters to collect trophies, with the desire to piece together this mystery. However, I can tell you that I found no connection between these series. Not even a nod.

Now be aware of some late-game spoilers if you wish to know more about the connections these games share. 

When you encounter the first mystery, you’ll notice the characters’ blood is pink. In the Danganronpa series, the characters have this same pink blood. The developers have shared that this choice was to make it friendly to review boards.

However, as much as I wanted this to be the connection I was looking for, sadly, it was explained that residents of Kanai Ward bleed pink. The main protagonist, Yuma, assumed the blood was pink because the Death God Shinigami possessed him. This led him to never question the strange-colored blood, but in fact, his blood is red.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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