RaW Hero Vol. 6 Review – The RaWest of Endings

    Title: RaW Hero Vol. 6
    Author: Akira Hiramoto
    Release Date: February 22, 2022
    Publisher: Yen Press

The finally is here;  RaW Hero Vol. 6 concludes the series for its western release. A few different plot points come to a head as we complete this insane series of spies, heroes, and double-crossing agents. However, there’s enough substance to carry the final chapters, making it worth the investment if you’ve kept up this far.

RaW Hero Vol. 6 3

RaW Hero Vol. 6 sets up how far JMT and SALF will go to come out on top. The chapter mainly focuses on the Chiaki and Senpai, who are basically the dogs of this operation. There are a few fun interactions between them as Senpai explores some of his “upgrades,” but this does hurt the pacing in certain areas. Chiaki’s undercover antics don’t cause too much confusion here, but the interactions with Cap are pretty hilarious.

Sadly, nothing too exciting happens until the final chapter since, by this point, we are just anticipating how it all ends. There were some really cool fight setups, but honestly, the panels glossed over most of the fights. So instead, we get more moments between Chiaki and Senpai, which comes to an interesting conclusion.

RaW Hero Vol. 6 2

Chiaki has had such an exciting journey throughout this series, and it’s fun to see his confidence in the field evolve. He’s not stronger or completely changed, but his role as a spy is commendable. The final ending was a little shoehorned since I wished there was a solid conclusion to a few of the characters, but that’s when things get flimsy.

The highlights would have to be the illustrations because RaW Hero Vol. 6 is gorgeous. It’s insanely sexy and fast-paced, making you feel like you’re reading too fast. You’re forced to slow down and take in the scenes to truly understand these interactions. It’s gorgeous and fun, but the word that I keep coming to is sexy. This is a sexy series in general; through all of its cross-dressing and sexual antics, if you’ve made it this far, the volume doesn’t disappoint.

RaW Hero Vol. 6 1

If you’ve made it this far, RaW Hero Vol. 6 is exactly what you’ll need to conclude the series. It’s disturbingly edgy and throws out a few more twists before the end. I wanted more action, but I always wanted more action. The only problem I have now is finding a new manga series with just as many sweaty crotch shots.


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