Crimesight is Clue for Weebs but by Konami

During today’s Future Games Show Spring Showcase, we got a deeper look at Crimesight, a futuristic Sherlock Holmes/Clue mash-up with some snazzy anime aesthetics.

This new trailer shows off some of the deduction-based gameplay and Zero Escape-esque visuals of Crimesight, which involves determining who’s been killed and by whom like a true anime detective. Sherlock Holmes quotes are peppered throughout for good measure, giving us a peek at the unique tone that Crimesight is set to offer.

It’s currently set to release on April 14th for the PC. You can check out Crimesight‘s Steam page for all the details.

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Spencer Legacy

Based in the arctic tundra known as Toronto, Spencer is a rotten weeb who likes RPGs, fighting games, and Jump manga.