HyperX Cloud3 Wireless Gaming Headset Review – The Perfect Headset is Hard To Make

    Product: Cloud3 Wireless Headset
    Intended Use: Gaming
    Manufacturer: HyperX
    MSRP: $169.99

New audio gear releases and refreshes the market every year, providing small changes from the previous generations. It is helpful to keep up with the times, but how different can these new headsets really be from the prior set?

It’s all about the big things when it comes to buying power in the headset market, such as battery, comfort, sound, and style. A headset doesn’t need to look cool if it sounds better than all its counterparts, and this is an important thought when introducing HyperX’s new Cloud 3 wireless headset to the market.

For $169.99, we have even more choices in audio gear, and although this unit is not unique when next to the other devices on the shelf, depending on what you care about most will be the deciding factor on swiping that debit card for this pair of speakers.

HyperX Cloud3 Wireless Flexibility

Style / Feel / Build / Hardware

The HyperX Cloud3 Wireless offers a reasonably robust build, mainly made of thick plastics and metals, for a premium touch. The frame and headband structure also seem very well made and somewhat flexible, and they don’t seem to be parts of this device that will break over time. Also, the headband accommodates all head sizes, featuring up to 7-8 head size fitment points or notches on the headband.

This design seems to work well, as the headset does not slip too easily and doesn’t make me fight to adjust the size quickly. I predict this headband adjustment will fall more easily out of place over time, as the surface material might wear over time if the headband size is constantly adjusted.

The headband is made of quality leather, providing a softer, more cushiony inlet where you rest your head and a more solid leather wrap for the headset’s top, where you will find an embossed HyperX logo. You can also find stitching across the leather to hold it all together whilst adding to a premium look. I don’t know what it is about nice stitching, but it does add something aesthetic that I cannot put my finger on. It’s a neat touch here from HyperX and did not go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, HyperX continues to ride with the wires hanging out of their unit externally, allowing for a more discrete build, but I just think it makes the unit look cheap. This design choice they continue to use is enough for me to look the other way, but I’m sure others are less picky about it.

HyperX Cloud3 Wireless Boom

A HyperX logo can be found on either earcup, always reminding friends and family which brand you wear. For a more premium intent here, I wish they would remain more subtle with the logos and branding, but I suppose we all have to make a living out here.

On the left earcup, we can see a boom mic mute button, rather than a flip to mute, a power button, a USB-C charge and data port for firmware updates, and the boom mic port. My only complaint on this side is that the power and mute button are somewhat hard to feel without looking. They can benefit from a bit more texture or discerning factors, as it often takes me a second to feel for the button.

The right earcup only hosts the volume dial, which feels comfortable and smooth rather than notchy and rigid. The dial does have notches, but it’s hard to feel, leaving for a more effortless spin.

HyperX Cloud3 Wireless Headsize

As usual, the leather ear cup coverings are hard to remove and place back on, hiding the cool-looking 53mm drivers. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but I do like larger headsets leaving more room inside the ear space.

In the box, the HyperX Cloud3 provides the world’s shortest USB-C cable, so don’t expect to charge and play unless you get your own cable or an adapter for USB-A if you don’t have a USB-C port. It’s not too much of a worry, though, as this headset’s battery life of 120 hours indeed does hold up. I have never had to charge this headset once this entire review, and it still has 50% battery. As long as you remember to give it a charge one night, you will never worry about wearing this pair of drivers. This may be the strongest point of Cloud3, but let’s keep going.

HyperX Cloud3 Wireless PaclagingBox

Also, the Cloud3 can get away with a short cable because this headset has beautiful 2.4ghz wireless connection quality and, surprisingly, offers excellent range. I could walk through multiple walls, or even through an outside glass door, and remain connected and in touch with my friends. Adding to this point, I wish the boom mic could be flipped, as I would never remove the mic, but since I have my own mic, I always remove the boom.

This relates to the terrible sound quality produced by the boom mic, regardless of their boasted 10mm mic. Here is a test of the boom mic quality (The video has a mic test). I have no inspiration to use this boom due to the quality and even less of a reason to leave it attached to the headset. Granted, this is the case if you have a desk-mounted mic, like for podcast or content creation.

HyperX Cloud3 Wireless OnHead

I must say, HyperX seems to dominate the comfort and weight game because every headset I try on one of their headsets seems to be a feather on my head. I never experience pain or sweat over long periods of use, but this is an issue for me with specific headbands and cushions. HyperX claims to have a signature memory foam cushion, and between the pillow-like leather ear cup pads that melt on my temples, and the memory foam headband, I remain comfy all night long.

HyperX Cloud3 Wireless OnDesk Size

Performance / Hands-On Use / Features / User Experience / Analysis / Etc.

The Cloud 3 is fully universal, supporting all consoles, such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC. Since the headset does not have Bluetooth, you cannot connect to mobile, and if you wish to link to Xbox, you need to purchase its dark side brother, which tends to use Xbox over PlayStation.

The device could use a tad more power or volume, which can possibly be obtained with smaller drivers, but then you might lose some sound stage coverage or negative space for your ears to relax.

The headset has a crisp female voice that introduces you after the headset is turned on, with the battery life, and stating that the device is turned on. Regarding tracking battery, other than opening the app, the headset’s light will flash green at any battery over 10%. At first, this seems like a large section to show as green, but once you realize how long this headset lasts, you’d understand why it is showing green.

Gaming sound quality is just fine for a consumer-level headset, not necessarily blowing me away, but it’s not like HyperX usually finds its way to premium sound. I can easily hear footsteps, dialogue, and slight enemy hints to enhance my gaming experience further whilst keeping me on edge with intense volumes. I think the quality and volume placebo from the HyperX Cloud3 sources from the unique, spatial sound stage. Overall, the headset’s sound kept me engaged with whatever I interacted with, which is essential for a headset and sound as a whole. You never know what you are missing out on until you try a nice pair of speakers.

HyperX Cloud3 Wireless Lifestyle

The equalizer feature was a must as this headset’s overall quality was improved after messing with the tone, as it’s sharp with a harsh “S,” so reducing the volume of the high end and raising the low end is beneficial here; I saved a preset.

Regarding general sound quality, I find the Cloud3 has punchy and impactful highs and mids, providing clear vocals, game dialogue, and more, but it really struggles with the low end. For a bass lover, you might want to look elsewhere, as even boosting the base volume via the NGenuity app doesn’t seem to fill that gap.

Providing DTS surround sound support is always nice and is a given nowadays when purchasing hardware. DTS seemingly amplifies mid-range and high-range volume but offers even worse bass tones with way less clarity for general usage while attempting to provide a sound output for more spacious sound. I find this setting works well for gamers and gamers only, as it engulfs you into a sound stage within your game but has diminishing returns on fidelity for general users.

Also, within the HyperX NGenuity app, you can adjust volume, microphone voice volume for others, and sidetone, or in other words, “Mic Monitoring.” The software offers other settings than previously stated, like battery life, sleep mode timers, and your game linked presets. If you wish to go as far as having different sound tones boot up for each of your games, you can set up a preset.

HyperX Cloud3 Wireless InHands


When we look at the Cloud3 wireless at all angles, we do see an interesting product, but I do not think it holds up as a “must buy” or a “must look into.” The battery life and comfort are the shining stars of this headset, while not providing bad sound at all, but rather an average volume with a lackluster low end. I don’t think the sound quality alone is enough to sell someone, but rather the integration to other HyperX products with a user-friendly, comfortable experience.

The boom mic is also useless if you want to use it to record any audio further than game chat. The headset is simple yet stylish in its own way, not offering a unique look by any means, but it keeps a universal black-on-black “sheeny” aesthetic that matches any setup for $169.99. At that price, I’m not rushing into this device, especially because it doesn’t scream anything unique to me, but I’d keep it in mind if you only care about battery and comfort. There are so many headset choices….

Noisy Pixel is giving the HyperX Cloud3 Wireless Headset a B-.

I am rather conflicted about this headset, as it is so easy to toss on my head and wear all day, but something is drawing me back to a louder, more “bassy” headset, regardless of it being a little heavier. If HyperX can put a heftier price tag on this headset, providing less of a sharp sound, I may consider this over most headsets, but I choose sound fidelity for now.



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