Fate/Extra CCC English Fan Translation Now Available

Fate/Extra CCC English Fan Translation Now Available

Team Iwakura Productions has announced in their latest blog post that the highly anticipated English fan translation patch for Fate/Extra CCC is now available for download.

Entries in the Type-MOON-developed Fate franchise have long since required fan translations for overseas fans such as myself to enjoy. From Fate/stay night to my personal favorite, Fate/hollow ataraxia, fans have undoubtedly been the backbone for iconic Fate-related experiences in the West. And now, yet another game has joined the fray, Fate/Extra CCC.

Initially launched in Japan for PSP in 2013, Kinoko Nasu wrote the story, Takashi Takeuchi handled the character designs, and Arco Wada was the illustrator. The previous entry, Fate/Extra, was released for Japan for the PSP in 2010 before being localized by Aksys Games and Ghostlight in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

The following talented individuals are responsible for bringing this project to life:

  • Producer/Editor – cj_iwakura
  • Super Hacker – esperknight
  • Translator/Master – rikkuchou
  • Translator/Hero Unit – ItsumoKnight
  • Incredible Hacker – Kotcrab
  • Image Editors – Cargodin, IgorAkou, RoboticBomber
  • FoxTail Translator – EDreamer
  • Quality Checker – Kinsei
  • Translator/Tooler – JS
  • Translator/Battle/Shitposter – SnowyAria
  • Stealthy Translator – khikari
  • Tester: Caterer Class – Telephone_ghost

You can view the blog post for comments from every member reflecting on and commemorating the English translation fan patch launch, as well as access to the patch itself.

You can view the video announcing the launch of the Fate/Extra CCC English fan patch below:

A remake of the first Fate/Extra entry, Fate/Extra Record, is being developed for modern platforms. Players can choose different Servants as they experience rock/paper/scissor-like turn-based battles in a Grail War unlike any other. There is no estimated release date.

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