Fate/Extra Record Development Progressing Steadily, Assures Studio Director

Following the latest Fate/Grand Order Festival, the director of TYPE-MOON studio BB, Kazuya Niino, posted a tweet emphasizing that the development of the Fate/Extra remake, Fate/Extra Record, is still progressing steadily.

You can view a translation of their tweet below by our team’s Ryuji:

“Thank you to everyone who attended both days of the FGO Festival! All of the players were so enthusiastic!

…Some of you may have been worried about the lack of Fate/Extra Record  information, but development is progressing steadily. We are really serious about making this game!'”

So, while new information is still scarce, it’s neat to hear from the studio director that progress is steady. Hopefully, we learn more information in the near future.

Fate Extra/Record is a remake of the original Fate/Extra released for PSP. It follows a male or female protagonist with a choosable servant, ranging from Nero (Saber), Tamamo (Caster), and Emiya (Archer). No platforms or a release date have been confirmed.

The protagonist, canonically named Hakuno Kishinami, regardless of gender, is an amnesiac who finds themselves in a Grail War. Strangely, this setting seems to differ significantly from conventional reality, and learning the intricacies surrounding their circumstances is at the core of Hakuno’s initial objectives.

Combat is turn-based, consisting of a rock-paper-scissors design where players must innately understand their opponents’ movesets to prevail. Japan received this title in July 2010, while the West first saw it in November 2021 via publisher Aksys Games.

Fate/Extra would receive a follow-up entry titled Fate/Extra CCC for the PSP in Japan in March 2013. However, it has never been localized.

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