Koei Tecmo Producer Wants to Know if Western Fans Want Surge Concerto DX Series Localized

There were some fairy niche RPG series released during the PlayStation 3 era, one of which being Koei Tecmo’s Surge Concerto series. Sadly, only Ar nosurge saw a release in the west, with an updated version being released as Ar nosurge Plus on PS Vita. The series takes place in the Ar tonelico universe, which was another niche series that began on PlayStation 2.

The game revolves around creating bonds with characters through many interactions, which resemble systems found in visual novels. However, the game is also a turn-based RPG where players can use powerful song magic to take down groups of enemies. One element of the game that is still talked about today is the soundtrack, which reviles many of the developer’s other titles.

It was recently announced that Ciel nosurge DX and Ar nosurge DX were in development; however, both platforms and a release window were not revealed.

Recently, we were able to connect with Koei Tecmo producer Keisuke Kikuchi to talk about the team’s upcoming game Fairy Tail. However, we took the opportunity to inquire if the developer was planning to release Ciel nosurge DX and Ar nosurge DX in the west.

Kikuchi-san replied, “I am really glad that western fans know about the Surge Concerto series.” He added, “I would like to hear from western players so that we can gauge how much demand there is for the series.”

So, I guess it comes down to letting the publisher know if this is something that western fans would like to see released. It’s also good to mention that details about the DX release are still being delivered in Japan, but letting the team know early isn’t a bad thing.

We’ll have our full interview with Kikuchi-san up soon.

In case you missed it, check out our recent interview with the producer.

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