Slow Damage Coming West Mid-November via JAST USA & GOG; Physical Limited Edition

After its highly successful Japanese release, publisher JAST BLUE announced that the English translation of Nitro+CHiRAL’s Boys’ Love title Slow Damage will be released digitally on both the JAST USA store and GOG on November 14. Unfortunately, the possibility of a Steam release for the game is still only being considered, according to the publisher.

A physical Slow Damage Limited Edition is also currently available to pre-order through the JList store, which includes the following:

• Game disc
• Soundtrack disc
• Pre-order bonus notebook
• Digital download copy
• Digital booklet

slow damage special edition

You can view the game screenshots via our gallery below:

In Slow Damage, the year is 20XX, and the declining nation of Japan has built the ultimate casino resort: Shinkoumi. This “special economic zone,” once known as Tokyo Waterfront City, is functionally its own separate country under the complete control of a private managing organization known as the Takasato-gumi.

The story centers on Towa, a hedonistic artist living in a yakuza-controlled city of the near future. Intent on painting people’s darkest desires, Towa seeks out extreme sensation and seedy underworld connections. But in exposing the truths of those around him, Towa may have uncovered more than he bargained for…The title utilizes unique gameplay elements and dark sexuality to create an experience unlike any other. With stylish art, taut writing, and a soundtrack infused with noir atmosphere, and represents the pinnacle of the Boys’ Love genre and the Visual Novel format.

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