Does Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Have New Game Plus?

As we prepare for the release of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code from developer Too Kyo Games, many might be wondering if there are any other mysteries after the credits roll. Further, the question arises if there is an option for New Game Plus.

Through Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, players will solve cases as Master Detective in Training Yuma Kokohead. However, he’s not alone, as he’s paired up with a Death God partner named Shinigami. Together, they investigate the mysterious Kanai Ward to uncover its deadly secrets. Trouble seems to follow them everywhere they go, but together, they take these cases head-on.

Throughout the gameplay, the player will investigate crime scenes to uncover the truth of murders that occurred around Kanai Ward. However, this is easier said than done as mystery surrounds the murder, which leads to some interesting systems to find the killer.

While you solve the cases across the game’s five chapters, you may ask yourself if the adventure has to end and if there will be something to look forward to on the main menu after the conclusion.

Sadly, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there is no traditional New Game Plus for this game. Instead, you are able to reply to any chapter you wish to search for Trophies that you missed during your initial playthrough. These unlock special episodes between Yuma and the other Master Detectives. It’s a cute way to get to see them interacting more since they don’t get to during the main campaign.

I hope this doesn’t hurt your experience too much, but let us know in the comments below if you were expecting New Game Plus in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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