Zorya: The Celestial Sisters Shares Overview Trailer on Co-Op Gameplay for Valentine’s Day

TLM Partners released a new trailer for the Madlife Divertissement-developed co-op puzzle game Zorya: The Celestial Sisters, available now on Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam.

The trailer highlights the game’s puzzle element and its co-op features. Players are encouraged to play together to progress through the environments and narrative. Further, Friend’s Pass is available, which allows you to play the first levels of the game with a friend, even if they don’t own the game.

Zorya: The Celestial Sisters tells the story of Aysu, the goddess of the night, who needs to find her way back to the sky. She partners with her sister, Solveig, the goddess of the sun, and both most navigate the world to regain their powers that have been scattered through the lands of Viraj.

That’s a lot of lore to take in, I’m sure, but the game is a puzzle adventure where players need to work together to get through the environment. However, there are obstacles that stand in the way. The players can utilize the power of shadows, solar energy, and even wind power together through these scenes and progress.

Zorya: The Celestial Sisters features split-screen and online co-op modes.

In case you missed it, you can check out our preview.

You can watch the new overview gameplay trailer below:

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