Zombie Army Trilogy Gets Switch Release Date With New Gameplay Trailer

Rebellion announced that their zombie shooter Zombie Army Trilogy will launch on Nintendo Switch on March 31.

To celebrate the announcement, the developer released a new gameplay trailer showing it running on Switch. The Zombie Army series has sold over four million copies worldwide and only hopes to increase that number with the trilogy’s new Switch release.

Zombie Army Trilogy on Switch can be played in singleplayer or in co-op with up to four players. The game features each of the story campaigns, which can be played over various difficulties, including Horde mode. The collection will include all three of the original campaigns in the series.

Players can expect the Switch version to contain everything that was released on consoles to be included in the game. However, it will also feature 2-4 players local wireless play, motion controls, Pro Controller and HD Rumble support.

Players will be able to play through each of the campaigns to spend hours killing zombie hordes. Throughout the game, zombies become a bit more difficult as you’ll encounter armor-plated and chainsaw-wielding ones, that don’t go down easily.

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You can watch the new trailer for Zombie Army Trilogy below:

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