Zombie Army Trilogy on Switch Favors Smooth Performance Over Visuals

Zombie Army Trilogy on Nintendo’s portable console sounds like something that couldn’t handle the amount of content. Still, my playthrough on the show floor handled smoothly throughout each chapter I jumped into.

Rebellion says this is because of the lessons they learned from developing numerous Sniper Elite projects for the Switch. Since Zombie Army Trilogy is the first port Rebellion has done that isn’t from previous generations of consoles, Rebellion’s experience let them compress aspects of the game without sacrificing too much quality.

Add in a system that enabled Zombie Army to scale down resolution instead of taking a hit in frame rate. The result is a feature-full game that runs at 720p portable and 1080p docked at a solid 30 frames per second.

Speaking to feature full, Zombie Army Trilogy still has both single-player and co-op modes for up to four players, including the three-story campaigns and Horde Mode.

Additional features that are only available on the Switch version include 2 to 4 player local wireless play for syncing with friends’ Switches, motions controls to fine-tune shots and grenade throws, HD Rumble, and Pro controller support. Finally, Zombie Army makes use of Switch’s friend invite system, which lets players invite their friends in-game.

The notion of a zero compromise port may be a literal one from my experience. I hadn’t noticed anything drop frames, or the visual quality degrades that offends the original release. It could be from the nature of the Switch’s small display, and maybe extensive playback in docked mode will have more to say. Either way, Zombie Army Trilogy with motion controls is a treat. And if later updates could improve controls to compensate for the Switch’s short analog sticks, Sniper Elite fans can except a stable version of this shooter.

Zombie Army Trilogy is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 31.

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