The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Joining Switch Online + Expansion Pack February

Nintendo has announced that the next Nintendo 64 game to join their digital catalog for Switch Online + Expansion Pass subscribers is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. This title is the direct sequel to the fan-favorite Ocarina of Time, and though it’s not nearly as widely critically acclaimed, it has still found a loving crowd. Players control Young Link as he experiences time loops in the newly introduced setting of Termina. A disturbing moon is gradually falling onto the land, with just three days remaining until the impact is made.

Link can transform into iconic Zelda franchise creatures via obtainable masks such as a Zora and Goron. Further, other masks are available that still grant tangential benefits while not providing as drastic movement alterations as the transformation masks. The primary goal throughout this title, aside from preventing the moon’s fall, is to learn more about the citizenry of Termina in the allotted 3-day time limit. Learning about their schedules and relationships opens up a varied array of side activities that are arguably the heart of Majora’s Mask.

Even when taking its recent praise into account, I still believe this title is relatively underrated in the eyes of most Nintendo fans, so I hope this release makes new ones. Still, I am admittedly concerned over the state of this version after Ocarina of Time’s upsetting quality.

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