Indie JRPG ‘Zefira’ Gets Swift PC Release in the West

Kagura Games has released the Mousou Endemic developed adventure RPG, Zefira, on PC-via Steam and other online storefronts.

Zefira tells the story of a half-elf named Zefire who nearly lost her life during an adventure. After the incident, she decided to settle down with a man who had saved her and risked his life.

However, after tying the knot, money has become tight for the couple since her man wants to be a writer, and we all know there’s no money in that profession. So, she decides to once again head out on an adventure to bring in much-needed funds so that she can support her man and survive.

Zefira features classic RPG gameplay through retro graphics. The game features various RPG mechanics and a skill tree system that players can grow as they level up. Additional features enemies will drop random enchantments and equipment to make Zefira stronger, but there’s also an enchantment system using earned materials to level up equipment.

While the Steam release is for all ages, the game does also features adult scenes included in the other version, such as via JAST USA and Denpasoft.

You can check out some screenshots from the game below to get an idea of the gameplay and characters:

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