All-Ages Yuzusoft Visual Novel ‘PARQUET’ Coming West Next Month to PC and Mobile Devices

PARQUET, a sci-fi romance visual novel from developer Yuzusoft Sour, was released today in Japanese and is coming west to Steam, Android, and iOS on August 27, 2021, with English and Chinese translations from NekoNyan and Hikari Field.

Yuzusoft Sour is the new all-ages branch of established VN developer Yuzusoft, whose previous releases include Riddle Joker, Senren Banka, and Sabbat of the Witch.

The story of PARQUET takes place in a near-future where the human brain can be directly connected to computers through a Brain-Machine Interface, allowing for the digital recording of memories. The protagonist is created out of combined memories in an illegal experiment and goes off on a search for self and memories he can truly call his own.

In the process, he begins living with two girls, loner Rino and outgoing Tsubasa (both voiced by Nao Touyama), with cute scenes of daily life taking place alongside the gradually unfolding mystery of the protagonist’s identity.

You can check out the OP video below and find links to the demo (Japanese only) at the official website.


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Amy Scholl

Fan of unusual visual novels.