Yuri VN ‘Letters From a Rainy Day -Oceans and Lace-‘ Announced for PC Worldwide Release

Japanese developer Lily spinel has announced its first game, a yuri visual novel called Letters From a Rainy Day -Oceans and Lace-. The game will be released worldwide on PC, including English, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified and traditional) text options. The company has only mentioned “early Summer” as its expected release window, but the Steam page mentions June 29.

The game takes place in a private all-girls school called Kikyou Academy. One day, a popular student called Mikoto Kurahashi receives a blackmail letter that threatened to hurt her sister unless she started dating a first-year called Shiori Minato. She disregards this mail at first but ends up forced to do it after her sister gets hurt.

The focus of the story is on how this relationship born from a forced start will play out. With Mikoto believing Shiori to be the one threatening her sister and Shiori trying to understand why Mikoto asked her out, the story is likely to deal with their conflicting emotions as they grow closer.

Letters From a Rainy Day is written by Mikuriya Mikuri, whose previous works include Nyan Café Macchiato and Trinoline, with illustrations by sheepD. Also, it’s already possible to check out the opening movie, featuring the music “Uncertain Rain” by Hotaro Murasaki:

A few English screenshots have also been shared:

We’ll keep you updated on the latest info on this upcoming yuri VN.

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