Yuri Visual Novel ‘Symbiotic Love’ Launches Today in the West on PC

Kikai Digital has launched the White Dew Games-developed yuri visual novel Symbiotic Love on PC-via Steam.

Symbiotic Love is a yuri visual novel set in an all-girls high school where two girls meet and realize fate has something in store for them. However, the game alludes to the possibility that their symbiotic relationship might have some drastic effects on their love.

Two girls meet in a garden where the spider lilies bloom.
One girl seeks the devil’s gentleness.
The other denies that the devil is capable of love at all.
Will the spider lilies grow in a symbiotic relationship, or will they become like the higanbana, and part ways for good?

There is currently a demo is available where players can play through the opening of the game. In case you missed it, we provided our own preview based on the demo.

Symbiotic Love features an emotional yuri story with voice audio in Mandarin. Further, there’s a lengthy soundtrack and over 10 CGs to unlock. The game will also feature multiple routes as players make choices during dialogue to reach different endings.

We’ll keep you updated on future visual novel announcements from Kikai Digital and more.

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