Yuri Visual Novel ‘Secret Kiss is Sweet and Tender’ Released for PC

Rosetta’s debut yuri visual novel, Secret Kiss is Sweet and Tender, is now available for PC on itch.io. (As of March 8th, it’s also available on MangaGamer.) The game was denied approval on Steam but was released for Switch on February 17, 2022.

Secret Kiss includes both Japanese and English text and is fully voiced in Japanese, with Yuzuhara Miu as Konami and Akino Hana as Ema. The character artwork by ran9u is animated using the popular E-mote system. While the Switch version is rated 17+, the PC release includes a version with adult scenes (uncensored and without mosaics) that show the progression of Ema and Konami’s relationship after the main story is concluded.

Secret Kiss is Sweet and Tender tells the story of the budding relationship between student Ema Serizawa and teacher-in-training Konami Izuho. After Ema surprises Konami by kissing her, Konami discovers that Ema is actually her favorite illustrator. When Ema asks for help with her drawings, Konami agrees in the hopes of seeing Ema’s newest work, but she doesn’t realize that this will lead to them kissing, sharing a bath, and sleeping together (literally). As the romantic drama progresses, the confused Konami starts to learn the difference between admiration and love.

We’ll keep you updated on future releases of Secret Kiss for other platforms.

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Amy Scholl

Fan of unusual visual novels.