Yuri Visual Novel ‘Our Home, My Keeper’ Announced by Studio Élan and Ebi-Hime

Yuri Visual Novel ‘Our Home, My Keeper’ Announced by Studio Élan and Ebi-Hime

During Élan Festival 2022, Studio Élan has shared a glimpse at some of their upcoming titles. Among them, we had a few new announcements. Our Home, My Keeper is a new visual novel the studio is developing in a partnership with prolific writer Ebi-Hime, whose previous works include Strawberry Vinegar, Blackberry Honey, The Language of Love and the recently-released Salome’s Kiss.

While details on the game are still slim, we do know it’ll feature illustrations by Weeniedesu and the original soundtrack is composed by Singto Conley. Both of them are freelancers and you can check out links to their portfolios on the game’s official page. No platforms have been announced but Studio Élan usually publishes their games on PC, and only Heart of the Woods reached consoles so far with other titles planned in the future.

Our Home, My Keeper tells the story of a young girl called Paige who moves to a vintage house in the English countryside. The place would be the perfect place for her to leave the hurry of the big city and have some time to herself. As a writer, she’s currently facing a serious deadline and absolutely needs peace and calm to get it over with.

However, she isn’t actually alone in the house. She soon finds out the house already has an inhabitant who’s been living there for many years and doesn’t intend to leave any time soon. This new housemate is a friendly fairy called Fay. Living with her won’t be as peaceful as Paige hoped for, but maybe the excitement of this new experience will bring the inspiration she needs.

Besides the Our Home, My Keeper key illustration, Studio Élan has shared a look at four characters from the game:

Our Home My Keeper Designs

While it looks like Fay is the first one and Paige is the second, we don’t actually know the other two yet. It also may not be in the right scale considering the key art shows Fay being considerably smaller, as expected from a member of the fairyfolk.

We’ll keep you updated as Studio Élan announces new information on Our Home, My Keeper and their other upcoming titles.

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