Yuri Visual Novel ‘Ever Maiden’ Coming West to PC in 2024

Yuri Visual Novel ‘Ever Maiden’ Coming West to PC in 2024

Love Lab announced they will publish the Liar Soft-developed Yuri visual novel Ever Maiden on PC in 2024.

Outside of the release window, the publisher plans to share more news about the release soon. Release platforms were also not shared, but given that this is an adult visual novel, some elements of the game may be altered for Steam release, but here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen.

Ever Maiden is a visual novel set in Puellarium, a school shrouded in fog and thorns, cut off from the outside world. In this isolated environment, strict discipline reigns, tensions run high, and time passes undisturbed. The story takes a mysterious turn one morning when a girl is found unconscious at the school’s gate, a gate that is usually sealed except on special occasions. When questioned by the students, she identifies herself as “Alouette.”

The plot thickens as the rusty, long-silent clock tower bell rings out at the moment of Alouette’s arrival. This event aligns with a local rumor: “When the bell of the clock tower rings, the end of this school will come soon.” This prophecy heralds the onset of nightmarish chaos within Puellarium. Alouette, who joins the school amidst various complications, breaks the curfew and discovers a transformed school after dark, filled with bizarre, misshapen beings harboring violent intentions. Amidst this chaos, she encounters a resolute girl engaged in battle against these menacing entities. The story unravels the mysteries surrounding Puellarium, Alouette’s arrival, and the ominous transformation of the school, drawing players into a world where reality and nightmare intertwine.

We’ll keep you updated on future news from the developer.

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