Yuppie Psycho Reveals Support for 9 Different Languages Ahead of Next Week’s PC Launch

Another Indie announced that the Baroque Decay developed adventure game, Yuppie Psycho, will support 9 languages, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and German when it launches on PC on April 25. Furthermore, the game will cost $16.66 to go along with its horror themes.

Yuppie Psycho introduces players to the corporate world in this over-the-top retro-inspired adventure game. Players will travel through the floors of the Sintracorp building as they discover the strange things that are happening in every new area. Additionally, the game features an investigation system where players can chat with coworkers to learn their secrets. This also brings with it a choice system that will lead to various endings. Yuppie Psycho’s gameplay involves finding clues, solving riddles, and discovering additional paths while being chased by a deadly Witch.

Yuppie Psycho’s game designer, Francisco Calvelo, left his corporate job in 2013 to begin working on Yuppie Psycho. It just so happens that the developer decided to add in some of his old coworkers as NPCs.

Yuppie Psycho is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux-via Steam and Discord on April 25.

You can watch the game’s most recent trailer below to get a better idea of the gameplay and characters:


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