Horror Adventure ‘YumeNikki -Dream Diary-‘ Gets Nintendo Switch Release Date

Playism announced that the Active Gaming Media developed reimagining of YumeNikki, YumeNikki -Dream Diary-, will launch on the Nintendo Switch eShop of February 21.

YumeNikki -Dream Diary- tells the story of a young girl who happens to have some pretty surreal dreams, or should I say nightmares? As she explores deeper into the mysterious world players will discover many hidden elements and realizations about her.

During gameplay, players will need to solve puzzles, run from monsters, and use items found in the dream world to access new areas. There are 7 doors within the dream that players can go through in whatever order they choose. During gameplay, they’ll discover how each of these doors is connected.

YumeNikki -Dream Diary- is a reimagining of Kikiyama’s RPG Maker horror title Yume Nikki, released in 2004. The updated version has new puzzles, graphics, and music to catch the interest of players new and old.

YumeNikki -Dream Diary- released previously on PC-via Steam in 2018 and holds mixed reviews from players.

You can watch the new trailer showing the game running on Switch below:

Author’s take: I played this game on PC and can say that it is pretty trippy, I’m interested to see how the development team has updated the game and fixed some of the bugs found in the PC release.

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