Fantasy Otome Game ‘Yukar from the Abyss’ Gets June Release Date

LocaGames has announced the release date for Yukar from the Abyss. Currently available on Steam Early Access, the game will receive its full PC release on June 30, 2023. As this date announcement is taking into account Japanese times, it may already be available by June 29 depending on your timezone.

With illustrations by Mae Mabato, Yukar from the Abyss tells the story of a young woman called Kurumi Oki. After living the busy Tokyo for a calm lifestyle in Hokkaido, she ends up missing her train stop and getting into a mystic contact with supernatural beings.

Chased by creatures who want to take her to the underworld, she ends up unwittingly opening the door to the divine realm, where she’ll have to face difficult trials to perhaps have the chance of falling in love with the gods. Her options include Pewrep (leader of the mountain gods), Li Huaisu (god of the wetlands), Moshirechik (the brutish demon god) and Kyril Sasayama (who seems to be just a powerful businessman).

With the full release, Yukar from the Abyss will update to include the routes of Pewrep and Huaisu, as it currently only has the other love interest options available in its Early Access state. The price will also increase but the game will have a release sale keeping it at the exact same price it has right now for an unspecified period.

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