Ys VI Mobile – The Ark of Napishtim English Open Beta Occurring Next Month

Publisher VNG Games and IGN have announced that the former’s mobile title Ys VI Mobile – The Ark of Napishtim will be conducting its open beta in Singapore and Malaysia on May 6, 2022. However, there is currently no word on whether North America will gain official access to this game despite English being present.

Regarding gameplay, the Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Assassin, and Samurai classes will be available alongside 10 additional sub-classes. Further, pets can be obtained and enhanced for greater combative prowess and visual flair. Multiplayer is also a focal facet of the experience, with raids, dungeon exploration, and boss battles. Moreover, romantic relationships can be formed to obtain exclusive couple-related gifts.

Intrigued prospective players can view the game’s official website for more information.

You can view the CG trailer for Ys VI Mobile – The Ark of Napishtim below:

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana was announced to be receiving a native PlayStation 5 release later this Fall.

This entry kickstarted the series’ popularity in the West during its initial Vita and PS4 release. It contains a memorable narrative, addictive combat, a stellar soundtrack, multiple difficulty levels, a plethora of side content, and much more. It’s a definite must-play, and if you have a PS5, you should be on the lookout for it when it launches later this year. View our coverage regarding its new inclusions.

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