Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Mini-100% Guide; Quests, Character Notes, Grimoires, Gifts, Recipes & Chests

This is pretty random and out of nowhere, but while I was cleaning my PC’s files, I stumbled upon a mini 100% guide I made for Ys IX: Monstrum Nox when it initially launched in the West last year. I primarily wrote it for an Ys-centric Discord server, but I never made it an article for some reason, so here it is.

This guide lists all quests, character notes, recipes, gifts, grimoires, and some minor tidbits. Regarding Blue Petals, the Chinese website Gamersky edited a custom map showing each petal’s location, which is inestimably helpful. Moreover, I took screenshots of every map in the game to depict each treasure chest. Lastly, when the game launched, I published a video sharing each hidden location in Balduq City. I’ve linked this video below as well.

If there’s anything notable missing throughout this guide, please let me know. As a tip, I recommend checking in on every shop at the start of each chapter due to stock changes.

Treasure Chests and Map Completion in the Prison do not contribute towards overall completion. Monsters do count, however.

Note regarding affinity – I have not included Maximum Affinity events in this guide because they are all pointed out on the map during Chapter 8 and the Finale via heart icons. You must do these to get character notes, but you can’t really miss these unless you actively avoid them. 

Always fill the Nox gauge to 100 twice each chapter for both the required and optional Nox.

Chapter 2

  • Hidden Quest – ‘Little Girl’s Plea’– Talk to the girl with the green marker in Shantytown. Collect butterflies in the vicinity and report back to her. Receive an Empty Bottle as the reward.


Chapter 3

  • ‘Illness Inquiry’– Talk to the individuals with green markers in the agricultural district. Go down the well and take care of the monsters. Emerge to report and complete the quest. Receive ingredients as a reward.
  • ‘Missing Family Report’– Talk to the man with the green marker in the Central District. Talk to all of the green marker individuals. Examine the new entrance into the Grimwald Nox. Save the family. Receive 1,000 gold. Tito and Arche join the Dandelion.
  • Hidden Quest- ‘Sowing Seeds of Joy’ –Talk to the receptionist at Le Petit Fleuritse. Talk to all of the individuals with green markers. Report back to the flower shop. Get flowers as a reward.
  • Hidden Quest – ‘Pickpocket Pursuit’ – Talk to the green marker fellow at the Main Square, then chase down the thief. 2,000 Gold reward.
  • Hidden Quest – ‘Maid in Amiss’ – When you reach the Hieroglyph Knights HQ, approach the crying maid in the lower cells. Simply go to the required room, defeat the knights, grab the key, then go into the room with the green marker to grab the item for the maid. Return to her to do 1 last fight and complete the quest. Receive a leather bracelet as a reward. Silhouette also joins the Dandelion.
  • Baked Potato Recipe – Talk to the Nirvana receptionist in Shantytown.


Chapter 4

  • ‘Prison Rescue’ –Talk to Parks. Talk to Maxim and request info on the prison. Go to the main square’s bulletin board and talk to the lady with the green marker for the tabloid. Request information from Maxim with that and 500 gold.

Switch to Adol in the prison and progress past the self-explanatory segment. Complete the dungeon with Xavier accompanying you. Be careful, as there are many traps that can easily kill you.

Once done with Adol in the prison, talk to Parks back at the Dandelion to commence the operation. Move forward in the prison and run up the wall to the roof when prompted. Use Crimson Line to reach the ledge and move forward to activate scenes and complete the quest. Receive 2,500 gold, and Iris joins the Dandelion.

  • ‘Bathhouse Debauchery’ – Talk to the old man at the Main Square with a green marker. Examine all of the windows and chimneys around the building housing the bath. Report back to the old man. Receive the Blinding Bangle accessory as a reward.
  • ‘Wanted: Maretudos’ – Fast travel to Cloaca Maxmia’s Depths. Defeat the monsters. Report to Aprillis at the Ruined Belfry location in the Central District. Receive the Fools Gloves as a reward.
  • Hidden Quest – ‘One in a Bouillon’ – Talk to Chante and Roscoff at the Central District. Talk to Carla in the Pendleton Company. Talk to Phillipe in the Main Square. Talk to Susie in the Agricultural District. Report back to Chante and Roscoff in the Central District. Get the Bouillabaisse recipe as a reward.
  • Hidden Quest – ‘Chapterhouse Repairs’ – Go to the green marker in Artisan Lane. Examine all three green markers in the Hieroglyph Commandery. Receive a Strength Elixir as a reward.


  • Tito – Entry 1 – Buy the Razor Sharp Knife from Rijndael’s Antiques.
  • Straw Hat from Hale’s General Store. Give to Yufa.
  • Floral Hat Pin from trading with Maxim. Give it to Krysha.
  • Bouillabaisse Recipe – Complete the ‘One in a Bouillon’ quest.


Chapter 5

  • ‘Hazardous Harvest’ – Talk to Baldwin in the Trading Bureau. Explore Mountain El Dore on Estatte Road. Get 3,500 gold as a reward.
  • ‘Owner Where Art Thou?’ – Talk to the family in Artisan Lane. Use Third Eye on the green marker outside Rijndael’s Antiques. Enter and talk. Talk to the receptionist in Main Square with the green marker. Talk to Dolce and Butler Avan in the Central District. Receive flowers as a reward.
  • ‘Wanted: Tarantiels’ – Warp to Dry Moat Ruins depths and kill monsters. Report back to Aprillis at the Ruined Belfry. Receive a Berserker’s Mask accessory as a reward.
  • ‘Prison Liberation’ – Talk to Parks at the Dandelion. Talk to Maxim to submit the request for information. Dry Aged Meat can be bought from various vendors in town and is a reward from the next required Grimwald Nox. Progress through the self-explanatory section as Adol in the prison. Finally, go to the end of Estatte Road and defeat the knights. Receive 5,000 gold as a reward, and Lucien joins the Dandelion.
  • Hidden Quest – ‘Scam on the Lam’ – Talk to Coliseum staff at the Entertainment District. Follow the green marker and chase the fleeing man. Receive 4000 gold as a reward.
  • Hidden Quest – All that Glitters’ – Talk to Saradhi at the Dandelion. Clear the Decrepit Underpass. Receive the Golden Gloves accessory. Saradhi joins the Dandelion.


  • Krysha-   Entry 2 – Talk to her in the Dandelion.
  • Parks –   Entry 1 – Get Trick Deck gift from trading with Maxim.
  • Silhouette – Entry 2 – Buy Coffee Beans gift from Jessica’s Brewery.
  • Asparagus Roulade Recipe – Talk to the seller at Perry’s Pub in the Central District.
  • Mushroom Potage Recipe – Talk to the individual with the blue marker in the Prison Outskirts.


Chapter 6

  • ‘Wanted: Dragia Haman’ – Fight the monster at the green marker in Estatte Road. Report to Aprillis at the Ruined Belfry. Receive an Asura Cloak accessory as a reward.
  • ‘Calling All Strongmen!’ – Talk to Promoter DeSalle at the Entertainment District. Fight the monsters. Receive 3500 gold as a reward.
  • ‘A Legend of Heroes‘ – Talk to Tetra in the Main District. Go to the green markers and examine the graffiti with Third Eye in Artisan Lane,  the Hieroglyph Commandery, and the Agricultural District. Report back to receive the Brilliant Ice outfit for Anemona.
  • ‘Tobacco to Go’ – Talk to Parks at the Dandelion. Ask Maxim for information. Talk to Nora’s Gift Shop in the Main Square to get the needed cigar. Go back to Maxim and request info via the cigar and 1,500 gold. Play as Adol in the prison and progress through the linear dungeon. Switch back to the main party. Follow the green markers. Receive 6,000 gold as a reward, and Margot joins the Dandelion.
  • Hidden Quest – ‘Masking for Trouble’ – Talk to Michele in the Noble District. A series of scenes occur. Receive the Mayura Stone accessory and 2 Bell Stone outfit add-ons as rewards.


  • Cheese Gratin Recipe – Talk to the seller at Jessica’s Brewery
  • Credo-  Entry 2 – Give Stylish Glasses gift. Received from trading with Maxim.
  • Doll –  Entry 1 – Talk to her in the Dandelion.
  • Dogi –  Entry 1 – Complete ‘Calling All Strongmen!’
  • Tito –   Entry 2 – Talk to him in the Dandelion.

Get the Broken Charm from an NPC with a blue marker on the map in Chapter 6. This area is locked behind an optional Grimwald Nox barrier. Give it to Tito for repair, and then give it to Aprillis at the Ruined Belfry.


Chapter 7

  • Hidden Sidequest – ‘Iris of the Storm’ – Approach Iris on the bottom floor of the Dandelion. Follow the series of green markers in the Noble District. Get Empusa’s Gloves as a reward.
  • Hidden Sidequest – ‘Gamberg Family Errand’ – Talk to Yufa’s siblings in the Agricultural District. Follow the series of green markers across the Main Square and talk to the vendors. Get ingredients as a reward.
  • ‘Aprillis’ Trial’ – Talk to Aprillis at the Ruined Belfry. Win the fight and get the Fenrir Claw accessory as a reward.
  • ‘Art-isan is Suffering’ – Talk to the green-markered artisans at Artisan Lane. Talk to Potts on Milanne Plains. Equip the Prototype Shield on any character and defeat 15 mushrooms. The game will alert you when reaching the required amount. Receive the Feather Shield accessory as a reward.
  • ‘Warehouse Stakeout’ – Talk to the Count and Butler in the Noble District area unlocked from the optional Grimwald Nox. Go to the green markered spots and then chase the man. Receive 8000 Gold as a reward.
  • ‘Tree Stumped’ – Talk to Vallin at the Keening Highlands. Approach the green marker on the same map. Get Tempest Elixir as a reward.
  • Grimoire – You can now buy a Grimoire from Eduoard’s Bookstore, which grants Doll the Onyx Ripper skill.


  • Doll –   Entry 2 – Give Miniature Teacup gift. Received from trading with Maxim.
  • Jules – Entry 2 – Buy the Five Dragons Gift from Edouard’s Bookstore.
  • Dogi –  Entry 2 – Buy the Esterian Apple gift from Paulette’s Produce.
  • Chante – Entry 1 – Buy the Rainbow Earrings gift from the Pendleton Company.
  • Lucien –  Entry 1 – Buy the Potent Ointment gift from Lillet’s Gift Shop.
  • Margot –  Entry 1 – Buy Vintage Wine gift from Nirvana.
  • Carla –  Entry 2 – Talk to her while she is in the Dandelion.
  • Iris – Entry 1 – Complete ‘Iris of the Storm.’
  • Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe – Converse with Pamaella at the Noah’s House in the Noble District.

NOTE FOR MONSTER ENTRIES: If you are going for all monster entries, be sure to kill at least one of the robot-like enemies in the Mines as Adol in the prison. They are reskins of the earlier version of the same enemy and count as a different entry. Its name is  Graem-Ganeuax.

White Cat

Chapter 8

  • ‘Peril of the Bells’ – Talk to Dogi at the Dandelion. Talk to the NPC with the green marker at the Main Gates. Talk to individuals with green markers at the Central District. Talk to the individual with the green marker at the Main Square. Go to Cloaca Maxima. Approach the green marker and get a bottle with a full potion in it as a reward.
  • ‘A Fool and Her Treasure’ – Talk to Saradhi at the Prison Outskirts. It’s behind an optional Grimwald Nox. Go through the dungeon and receive Gorgon Glove/Genius Green as rewards.
  • ‘Prison Infiltration’ – Talk to Maxim and commence the operation. Go through the scenes and fights and get 10,000 gold as a reward. Maxim also joins the Dandelion.
  • Hidden Quest – ‘Inscription Inspection’ – Talk to Tetra in the Woodlands of Woe, which is behind the optional Grimwald Nox. Investigate the green markers in the vicinity and report back to her to receive the Strike Crown accessory as a reward.


  • Saradhi –  Entry 2  – Complete ‘A Fool and Her Treasure.’
  • Margot – Entry 2 – Clear ‘Peril of the Bells’.
  • Maxim –  Entry 2 – Complete ‘Prison Infiltration’.
  • Portrait of a Girl from trading with Maxim. Give to Iris.

ys ix

Finale – (Only the non-required quests are listed)

  • ‘The Errant Knights’ –  Go to Cloaca Maxima with Lucien and reach the end. Win the fight and get the Slash Crown accessory.
  • ‘Wanted: Bualadh-Orgh’ – Go kill the monster at the Keening Highlands. Report the quest to Aprillis and get the Crystal Shield accessory as a reward.
  • ‘Life by the Sword’ – Go talk to Xavier in the Keening Highlands after you destroy the optional Grimwald Nox. Navigate the new area and eventually get the old holy sword.


  • Xavier – Entry 1 – Clear ‘Life by the Sword’ 
  • Lucien – Entry 2 – Complete ‘Errant Knights.’
  • Prime Smoked Meat from Durfee’s Butchery. Give to Maxim.
  • Victory Day Platter – Talk to Jeanette at Jeanette’s Memorabilia. She is right outside the Dandelion.

ys ix


  • Xavier – Entry 2Talk to him. He is standing near the Pendleton Company alongside Saradhi.
  • Iris –  Entry 2 – Talk to her in the Dandelion.
  • Morbihan – Entry 2 – Talk to him during the Epilogue. He is in the Dandelion.

Bits That Don’t Fit

  • Apple Compote Recipe – Received as a thank-you gift for giving 40 Azure Petals.
  • Hearty Galette Recipe – Obtained from a treasure chest in the Milanne Plains.
  • Apple Pie Recipe – Received as a thank-you gift for giving 110 Azure Petals.
  • White Quiche Recipe – Obtained from a treasure chest on the Ciel Canyon Trail.
  • Refreshing Smoothie Recipe – Obtained from feeding Morbihan preserved food 4 times.
  • Saradhi – Entry 1 – Mandragora Root from a treasure chest in the Quarry Ruins.

Tito gains affinity from making at least one of the Ultimate Weapons, which is only possible during the Finale. Blueprints for that are from a chest in the final dungeon, in the Fool’s Jail sub-area.

Morbihan also only gains affinity from being fed preserved foods and does not have any gifts.

The hidden areas of Balduq City are viewable via my video below with timestamps in the description:

Each of the maps sharing the treasure chest locations is viewable via our galleries below in alphabetical order.

As a result, note that there are spoiler-related locations:

Alchemy Lab

Balduq City Proper

Balduq Fortress of Yore

Blocked Path

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127124919

Ciel Canyon Trail

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127124033

Cloaca Maxima

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127125056

Concealed Path

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127123823

Concealed Stockroom

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127125111

Decrepit Underpass

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127125019

Dry Moat Ruins

Emain Macha

Estatte Road

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127123810

Forgotten Armory

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127124907

Groaning Grotto

Keening Highlands

Milanne Plains

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127123952

Mount El Dore

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127123925

Mount El Dore – Cave

Path to Hidden Treasure

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127125042

Quarry Ruins

Secret Medicine Stash

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127124914

Tranquil Underpass

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127125029

Vacant Ritual Room

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127125116

Waterfall Storeroom

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127124902

Waterway Vault

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127125005

Woodlands of Woe

Ys IX Monstrum Nox 20210127123835

Skills found via Grimoires and not through leveling are listed below:

Crimson King

  • Cardinal Blast – Obtained via reaching all 21 landmarks and talking to the man at the booth in the town’s entrance near the Dandelion.
  • Blast Grimoire – Within a Treasure Chest in the Quarry Ruins.

White Cat

  • Rapid Slide – After identifying 11 Graffitis, report them to Professor Vallin.
  • Shooting Star – Within a Treasure Chest at Cloaca Maxima.


  • Gale Thrust – Treasure Chest within the Blocked Path secret area in Balduq City.
  • Rebellion Crow – Treasure Chest at the Dry Moats Ruins.


  • Onyx Ripper – During Chapter 7, it can be bought from Eduoard’s Bookstore.
  • Mistral Epee – Treasure Chest within the Concealed Path.

Raging Bull

  • Sledge Wave – Treasure Chest within the Vacant Ritual Room secret area in Balduq City.
  • Grand Slam – Treasure Chest within the Groaning Grotto


  • Dusk Drop – Treasure Chest within the Woodlands of Woe
  • Malefic Judgment – Treasure Chest within Emain Macha.

Lastly, regarding Blue Petals, as stated earlier in this article, the Chinese website Gamersky has an image depicting them all.

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