Ys 35th Anniversary Art Exhibits Announced; Merch & Character Stickers

Developer Nihon Falcom has announced that to celebrate the Ys franchise’s 35th Anniversary, they will host three artwork exhibits at three different branches of GEE!STORE.

Their locations and times are listed below:

  • Akihabara: Feb 18 – Feb 26
  • Osaka and Sendai: Mar 4 – Mar 12
  • Nagoya and Kokurashi: Mar 18 – Mar 26

Additionally, there will be a storefront housing merchandise and eleven Ys character stickers randomly gifted for every ¥3,000 spent. Images showcasing the merchandise are viewable via our gallery below, with there even being a Sorcerian shirt in the last image:

Those products can be purchased internationally via the supported Buyee proxy, but expect to pay higher fees.

Images showcasing the character stickers are viewable via our gallery below:

For more details, such as pricing and precise locations, view the collaboration’s official website.

Ys: The Oath in Felghana Memoire will launch in Japan for Nintendo Switch on April 27, 2023.

This release will boast selectable character portraits from the original Felghana and newly drawn ones, a Turbo Mode, full voice acting and narration, and the choice between three variations of the soundtrack.

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