Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko Launches Kickstarter for English Localization

DLsite has launched a Kickstarter to localize the Megami Soft developed relationship-building romance game Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko on PC in the west.

The campaign is seeking $23,354 USD to bring this project to life and those interested can get a copy of the game for $18.75 through backing, but game codes will be distributed through DLsite. There are also additional physical rewards available.

Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko follows the heroine of the game, Konko, who is a lonely foxgirl with no friends. However, no worries because the player is here to talk with her, which, over time, increases the intimacy between the two. During gameplay, players are able to drink tea, pat, and do other things with Konko as they get to know her better.

To allow western fans to get a chance to meet Konko, the publisher has also released a browser demo version of the game that can be played now. During the demo, players will officially meet Konko as well as get a preview of the game’s English localization.

As the player’s relationship with Konko grows, they’ll be allowed to get even closer with her. Sigh, yes this means patting, kissing, and bathing is a thing here. However, the way Konko reacts to situations is always new so the player won’t feel like the game is repetitive.

The Kickstarter has been launched finalize the localization and implement the Live2D animations into the game. This includes over 5000 different patterns of animation for the characters. Additionally, there will be over 200 different kinds of outfits and items and over 10,000 patterns of dialogue.

you can watch the game’s first trailer below to get an idea of the gameplay:

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