RPG Co-Op Beat ’em Up ‘Young Souls’ to Launch First on Stadia Revealed in New Trailer

RPG Co-Op Beat ’em Up ‘Young Souls’ to Launch First on Stadia Revealed in New Trailer

The Arcade Crew announced that the 1P2P-developed RPG co-op beat ’em up, Young Souls, will launch on Stadia first, with a Steam release planned to come after.

The announcement comes with a new trailer detailing the environment. Additionally, we meet characters Jenn and Tristan as they tackle menial, everyday routines until their lives change after their scholarly guardian’s disappearance. We also see how players will access new areas using a portal in the professor’s estate and the battle system, which players will use to defeat monsters.

Young Souls follows Jenn and Tristan’s day and night cycle as they freely roam around town in preparation for a full night fighting monsters and looting dungeons. These two heroes don’t really brag about their accomplishments as they aren’t well-liked by the townspeople, but the story centers around them trying to save someone they love, and that happens to include the town as well.

We’ll keep you updated on the development of Young Souls. In case you missed it, check out our preview from PAX West 2019, where we got an early look at the gameplay.

Young Souls is coming to Google Stadia on an unannounced date.

You can watch the new trailer for Young Souls below:

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