Final Fantasy XVI Now Lets You Read Torgal’s Thoughts

Final Fantasy XVI Now Lets You Read Torgal’s Thoughts

Square Enix recently updated Final Fantasy XVI to version 1.21, implementing countless bug fixes and combat changes alongside the launch of the first DLC, Echoes of the Fallen.

One of the most significant additions is the Inner Voice feature, which adds quite a bit of supplemental character depth. Accessible via the Grand Cast menu from talking to Vivian at the hub, hitting the touchpad on select characters will let you see their thoughts about other characters throughout the passage of time.

While each character comment is relatively short, new ones arrive depending on how far you cycle throughout the game’s timeline, and they solidify impressions you may have had of certain relationships. Or they highlight perceptions some characters have of others who have rarely or never explicitly spoken to each other.

Interestingly, the Inner Voice feature also applies to Clive’s canine companion, Torgal. While we’ll refrain from going into spoilers here, Torgal’s thoughts about a certain character are expectedly emotional. Still, he’s also pretty adorable.

If you’ve beaten Final Fantasy XVI, it’s worth the time to delve into the Grand Cast menu once more and peruse everyone’s evolving mentalities.

You can check out the full Final Fantasy XVI version 1.21 patch notes for the gameplay and bug fixes.

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The Rising Tide DLC is planned to launch in Spring 2024.

The Echoes of the Fallen DLC is now available.

The Echoes of the Fallen DLC content “unlocks a whole new story, battles, weapons, accessories, level cap, and more. For players who have completed the required quests, this new adventure begins before the base game’s final battle, as strange, dark crystals begin to circulate on the black market. Players will follow Clive and his friends during their investigations as they encounter a group of suspicious traders, leading them to a long-abandoned Fallen tower known as the Sagespire. There, they will unravel the terrible secrets that await within.”

Final Fantasy XVI is a more action-heavy entry than its predecessors, with a Devil May Cry V designer even taking the helm. Throughout the title, players will control the protagonist, Clive, as he confronts various Dominants, humans who have been cursed with the power to become Eikons.

Clive is the “First Shield of Rosaria,” sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua, who’s the Dominant of Phoenix. However, following a certain tragedy, Clive swears revenge on the Dark Eikon Ifrit.

The producer, Naoki Yoshida, describes this game as akin to his experience with the first Final Fantasy, as “playing the lead in an epic motion picture.” The reasoning for this title’s action-oriented approach and more classical fantasy setting was to “appeal to as wide a range of gamers as possible.”

Final Fantasy XVI is available on PlayStation 5.

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