Yosuke Matsuda Will No Longer be Square Enix President Following Approval Pending Finalization

Square Enix has recently released a significant new document with a proposed change pending approval, titled “Notification of Changes in the Representative Director of the Company and a Consolidated Subsidiary.”

Within this two-page document, Square Enix’s Board of Directors announced efforts to reshape their management team due to various changes in the entertainment and business industries, as well as attempting to fully realize the potential of their creativity.

The details of this proposed change have Square Enix’s current President, Yosuke Matsuda, losing his position and Square Enix Director Takashi Kiryu becoming the new President and Representative Director.

As for when this alteration can be finalized in an official capacity, the following statement was provided:

“The change is to be officially finalized pending approval at the 43rd Annual Shareholders’ Meeting scheduled for June 2023 and the meeting of the Board of Directors to be held thereafter.”

Lastly, this exact position change with Matsuda and Kiryu is reiterated, except for “a Consolidated Subsidiary.” In this case, May 2023 is the estimated time window for finalized approval.

For more details, you can check out the official PDF document.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on any major events in this ongoing story.

Matsuda has constantly repeated interests in the Blockchain and NFT world, so his departure would certainly be welcome. Still, it’s too soon to say anything concretely yet, so it’s best to wait and see what develops.

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