Classic Sting SRPG ‘Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone’ Releasing Worldwide on Steam in February

Sting has announced the worldwide release of Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone on PC. It’ll be possible to get the classic strategy RPG on Steam Early Access on February 6, and it’ll include English as a language option for both subtitles and audio, unlike the Asia-exclusive iOS, Android and Switch versions.

Yggdra Union is the second game Sting developed for their Dept. Heaven series, which also includes Riviera: The Promised Land, Knights in the Nightmare, and Gungnir. It was originally developed for GBA, but also got an improved PSP port with voice acting, art changes for the widescreen, extra characters and scenarios.

The game tells the story of Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz, a princess from the Kingdom of Fantasinia. After her homeland is attacked by the Empire of Bronquia, she’s forced to flee. During the escape, she gets acquainted with the King of Bandits, Milanor, whose help will be essential for her to fight for Fantasinia’s liberation.

Yggdra Union‘s gameplay follows the tactical formula, with players needing extra caution with positioning and weapon type advantage. Each unit is actually composed of a small troop, and fights revolve around conserving morale for your group while dropping the enemies’ leaders. It’s possible to use cards and Unions (other units in specific tile formations) to tip the balance of battle in your favor.

While the Early Access choice may be a little puzzling, Sting assures players that the game will be complete on launch. They plan on using around 3 to 5 months to fix possible bugs and make feature improvements based on player feedback before considering it fully launched. Though they haven’t revealed the price yet, they also mention that the base pricing may rise after Early Access.

The new PC edition will include all the improvements and tricks (in-game built optional cheats) from the iOS, Android and Switch versions as well as a few new features:

  • Rewind function;
  • Auto save function;
  • Conversation log;
  • Item location hints on EXTRA menu;
  • Battle turbo (up to 5x);
  • Flunky unit can be unlocked under specific conditions;
  • Sound set function;
  • Trick: Change Milanor into Cruz;
  • Trick: Turn allies and/or enemies’ criticals off;
  • Trick: Skill gauge MAX at the start of battle;
  • Trick: Reverse formation types for male and female units;
  • Japanese/English voice acting that can be switched at any time (PC exclusive);
  • Free save even in battle (PC exclusive);
  • Infinite item usage in EASY mode (PC exclusive);
  • Equipment removal menu during battle (PC exclusive);
  • Itembreak adjusted to make the item unusable rather than destroying it (PC exclusive);
  • Mouse/keyboard/controller support (PC exclusive);
  • Keyboard buttons layout adjustable (PC exclusive).

Check out a few screenshots of Yggdra Union:

Hopefully, this is just the start for English releases of classic Sting games, as various other titles such as Baroque, Knights in the Nightmare, and Gloria Union have received Japanese-only ports for Switch and mobile systems recently.

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