Yen Press Reveals Six New Acquisition During MCM Comic Con Including Fruits Basket, Higurashi When They Cry: GOU, and Kiss the Scars of the Girls

Yen Press hosted a panel during MCM Comic Con to reveal a few new acquisitions of titles coming west. During the panel, the publisher revealed new manga and even an art book.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on when they release.

Fruits Basket: Complete Anime Natsuki Takaya Illustrations

Fruits Basket Complete Anime Natsuki Takaya Illustrations

By: Natsuki Takaya

In commemoration of the anime adaptation of the beloved Fruits Basket manga, celebrate the gripping tale of Tohru and the Sohmas with illustrations and author commentary in a single omnibus.

Higurashi When They Cry: GOU Anthology Comic

Higurashi When They Cry GOU Anthology Comic

By: Taka Himeno and Taku Kawamura

June 1983. While it normally signifies an inescapable doom for Rika and her closest companions, a crew of guest artists brings its cheerful vitality to life! Join the gang in their early summer adventures!

Agent of the Four Seasons

Agent of the Four Seasons

By: Kana Akatsuki

The four seasons are complete. Daisy, the Agent of the Four Seasons, carries the burden of the cycle. When spring disappears, she must overcome hardship and fight back against disgrace. From the creator of Violet Evergarden.

Lord Hades’s Ruthless Marriage

Lord Hadess Ruthless Marriage

By: UEJI Yuho

Hades refuses to give up his life as a single god, unconvinced that love and marriage are worth the hassle. But when Eros shoots him with an arrow of love, will he be able to avoid falling for the next person he sees?

Kiss the Scars of the Girls

Kiss the Scars of the Girls

By: Haruhana aya

Within a forest is an academy for girls, and its students share a secret—they’re all vampires! To learn to hunt without attracting human attention, the maidens forge bloody bonds of sisterhood. What fate will their ties bring?

The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

By: SanSobee

Aria faces death for misdeeds—but her stepsister Mielle revealed that she manipulated Aria! Instead of dying, Aria is sent back in time with a mysterious hourglass. Now Aria has one goal: to destroy Mielle’s life!

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