Yen Press Reveals Five New Acquisitions Including Spy Classroom and Dragon and Ceremony

Yen Press is working hard on bringing new manga and light novels to western readers. The company has revealed five new acquisitions for western release. Each of the titles is scheduled to release in December 2021.

Spy Classroom (manga)

Spy Classroom Vol. 1 manga

Original Story by Takemachi
Art by SeuKaname
Character Design by Tomari

The golden age of the military has passed, and war is now carried out by spies. Klaus, an agent with a perfect record but a difficult personality, has formed a special team to carry out an “impossible” mission with a 90% failure rate. The problem is…the ones he’s chosen are a bunch of pretty girls with no experience!?

Spy Classroom is a manga adaptation of the highly-anticipated light novel from Yen On. Filled with action, comedy, and fan-favorite light novel tropes, Spy Classroom puts a twist on the spy story genre that has taken the world of manga and light novels by storm.

Dragon and Ceremony (light novel)

Dragon and Ceremony Vol. 1

Story by Ichimei Tsukushi
Illustration by Enji

To fulfill his master’s last request, half-human wand craftsman Ix must repair a staff belonging to a girl named Yuui. There’s just one problem—in order to mend the staff’s core, Ix must obtain the heart of a dragon, the last of which supposedly died out 1,000 years ago. Running up against a strict time limit before his contract expires, Ix must somehow find a long-lost dragon and repair the wand all by summer’s end.

Dragon and Ceremony is a fantasy light novel series with a compelling premise and excellent world-building. It has stood out as a highly anticipated series among light novel fans due to its excellent storytelling and beautiful illustrations.

My Happy Marriage (light novel)

My Happy Marriage Vol. 1

Story by Akumi Agitogi
Illustration by Tsukiho Tsukioka

Born to a noble family, Miyo is raised by her abusive stepmother and married off to Kiyoka, a soldier so heartless his prior fiancées fled within three days into their engagement. With no home to return to, Miyo slowly starts to open her heart to her cold and pale husband-to-be, despite their rocky introduction… This might just be her chance at finding true love and happiness.

Combining an irresistible supernatural story, filled with drama and romance, with breathtaking illustrations, My Happy Marriage is a light novel series that has all the charm and appeal of shojo manga. My Happy Marriage is a welcome addition to light novel fans who have been eager for more great works of romantic slice-of-life.

Visions 2021__Illustrators Book

Visions 2021 Art Book

Edited by pixiv Inc

Here are the “VISIONS” of 170 frontline illustrators. Compiled by pixiv, this art book features the newest and best works of illustrators making a splash in the industry!

The Japanese online art community pixiv has been widely known and respected worldwide for providing artists with a platform to showcase great illustrations and comics. Visions 2021__Illustrators Book is the first major English-language release of pixiv’s prolific collection of illustrations and is a must-have for the growing community of art book collectors.

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, Vol. 0

Toilet bound Hanako kun Vol. 0

Story & Art by AidaIro

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun takes on the theme of the school ghost story of Hanako-san. All three chapters of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun from its original short-term serialization in the monthly magazine G Fantasy are now available in one book. What’s more, the author’s extremely rare debut series, The Lovely Living Dead, is also included. This starting point has plenty of talent which drives the next era!

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, Vol. 0 gives fans the chance to experience the amazing manga and art of creator AidaIro that was made before the serialization of their best-selling series. With the artbook AidaIro Illustrations: Toilet-bound Hanako-kun releasing this November, this winter season is looking great for passionate fans of everyone’s favorite ghost story!

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