Yen Press Acquires Mokumokuren’s ‘The Summer Hikaru Died’

This evening, Yen Press announced that the popular Hikaru Ga Shinda Natsu manga will be coming to the west as The Summer Hikaru Died, a rising star in the world of horror manga by artist Mokumokuren. The Yen Press edition of the manga will be available in print and digital. Further details about the official release date will be announced on Yen Press’ social media in the near future. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.

The Summer Hikaru Died features a beautiful yet grotesque art style and depicts a complicated love between a boy and his deceased friend, whose body now houses a mysterious entity. Due to its critical acclaim in Japan and the immense popularity of horror manga in the West, The Summer Hikaru Died has become one of the most highly anticipated and frequently requested series of the past year.

Yen Press also summated the manga:

Two boys lived in a village: Yoshiki and Hikaru. The two did everything together…until the day Hikaru was encompassed by a mysterious light. That was when everything changed—Hikaru most of all. Yoshiki still wishes from the bottom of his heart to always stay by his side…but is there even a Hikaru left to be with?

The Summer Hikaru Died Cover60 1

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