Yakuza Franchise Localization Head, Scott Strichart, Stepping Away From Series; Vicky Lee Taking The Helm

While it may be difficult for new fans to realize, the Yakuza franchise used to be incredibly niche to the point where game localizations occurring was questionable at best. However, the launch of Yakuza 0 can be seen as what reinvigorated interest for this series in Western markets. Ever since that game’s localized launch, there was a vital link of commonality between each of the franchise’s western game releases, Scott Strichart. As a result, he made an inestimable impact on the quality of the Yakuza franchise translations, including Judgment.

In a recent thread on Twitter, Strichart announced that Lost Judgment is the final RGG title he will be involved with and that Vicky Lee will be taking the helm as head for future projects such as Lost Judgment’s Kaito DLC and later full games. Of course, the rest of the core localization team will also provide invaluable aid.

While he is not leaving Sega as a whole, his involvement with Yakuza, Judgment, and other RGG properties will be tenuous at best. Personally, I’m feeling somewhat sentimental writing this since I’ve been following the series since around Yakuza 0’s localization, and seeing such a fundamental figure leaving is a bit hard to fathom. Still, I have faith in the localization team for upkeeping the quality of these releases, and I look forward to seeing their output.

You can view the full emotional thread from Scott Strichart announcing his departure from the series below.

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