Yakuza Franchise Sells Over 2.80 Million Units On PC

In the latest Sega Sammy meeting, the company revealed that the Yakuza franchise has sold over 2.8 million units on PC. Yakuza, now being multiplatform instead of solely PlayStation exclusive, has done wonders to bolster its appeal and growth, and Sega seeks to upkeep this momentum in the future. Sales have increased dramatically from 2017, and the PC ports played no small part in occurrence.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the seventh entry in the Yakuza series and stars a brand new protagonist for the first time since the series began, Ichiban Kasuga, who is a low-level yakuza member trying to make it in the world. His story will lead him to form a crew of unlikely allies as he attempts to follow his dreams from rags to riches.

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The latest release from the franchise as a whole is Lost Judgment.

During gameplay, players will take on the role of Yagami, a private eye who has an unconventional way of solving cases. After a string of murders, clues lead to a high school, which opens up a web of corruption and lies. Gameplay is enhanced further with mini-games available as players can participate in several side-events such as becoming a dance club instructor or just playing baseball.

Combat has been enhanced from the original title, with the “Crane” and “Tiger” styles making a return. A new fighting style called “Snake” has been added to the game, which consists of turning enemy attacks back at them. There are School Stories in the priorly mentioned high school that act as a contrast to the seriousness of the main narrative.

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