Yacht Club Games Clarifies “Year of the Rat” New IP Tease

During Yacht Club Games Presents of February 26, 2020, Yacht Club Games announced they were working on two new IPs.

Designer Alec Faulkner commented, “These brand new games are a ways off, but please begin to imagine what kinds of games we’ll be crafting during 2020, the year of the rat.”

At PAX East 2020, we had a chance to speak with Yacht Club Games artist and animator Sandy Gordon to ask what the “year of the rat” comment might have referred to. Sandy replied, “I’m curious to hear what you think.”

Given that 2020 is technically the Year of the Rat, we made the connection that a rat may be part of the game’s theme, or that it could merely feature a rat protagonist. Sandy followed up with, “We can’t say any details at this point, but, interestingly, you were listening to that. I wish I could say more, but I can’t.”

When asked how the development process has been for the new IPs have been Sandy added, “It’s exciting to work on something new. We’re putting Shovel Knight to the side a bit, we love it, but we don’t want to be known just for that.”

At this point, no further details have been revealed, but Yacht Club Games definitely seems happy with gamers speculating what these future IPs will become.

The developer recently announced the existence of Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon.

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