XFLAG and Disney Collaborate to Release ‘Star Smash’ in Japan; Blending Anime, Disney, and Smashing

XFLAG and Walt Disney Japan have collaborated to release Star Smash on mobile devices in Japan on November 16.

Star Smash blends Disney with anime as some of the recognizable cartoon characters appear in the game for some smashing action. The game itself has players tapping on the screen to smash the ball, resulting in several things happening. This new sport is called StarBall, which is fairly popular in the game’s universe.

Smashing the ball across the screen will need to be well-timed to knock out targets at the other end. Characters have a few different unique abilities as well that can be used to take out more opponents. The levels are designed after Disney themes such as Dumbo and Hercules. Disney characters will be available as cards in the game, and they each have a new anime appeal to them. There are pre-registration awards available for those who want to play via Qoo-app.

Players can play through the single-player campaign or enter a co-op mode with up to 4 players to clear stages together. There’s an original manga available that follows the group members known as “Red Braves.”

While Star Smash may not come west, it is pretty fun to know that it exists.

You can watch the trailer below:

Star Smash 2

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