Xenosaga Fans Unite to Ask Publisher in Potentially Reviving the Forgotten Pied Piper

This morning, developer G-MODE, a popular Japanese publisher for feature phones, recently started a poll to celebrate the G-MODE Archives’ 3rd Anniversary. The G-MODE Archives is a series of re-released older mobile games for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The tweet itself asked players to reply with which title they would like to see added to the Archives next.

After the poll was discovered by Twitter users @MBgov1133 and @LEGOdawg2001, they posted a Tweet asking all Xenosaga fans to reply to the publisher’s post, requesting that G-MODE adds Xenosaga: Pied Piper, a relatively unknown spin-off of the Xenosaga trilogy and forming part of the Xeno metaseries, which was released for i-mode and Vodafone feature phones back in 2004.

Fans have bonded together to help create messages in Japanese so that others who aren’t familiar with the language could simply copy and paste into the replies, as it is unknown if responses not in Japanese will be counted. Shortly after they did so, however, the sheer amount of replies briefly caused Xenosaga: Pied Piper to trend on Japanese Twitter, something that @choco_mugi, the designer behind the Ouroboros from Xenoblade Chronicles 3, later reported:

This is definitely good news, as it means that more and more people are coming together to help preserve these long-forgotten feature phone games in a better format, as they are currently one of the most common topics of interest among game preservationists. According to @MBgov1133, getting these long-forgotten games could open the doors for potential fan translations or, at the very least, the opportunity to play those games once more.

UPDATE: G-MODE has just released a version of the tweet in English, implying that they’ll be taking suggestions from overseas fans. You can view that below:


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