Xenogears Prequel Novel ‘A God Slaying Story’ Receives English Fan Translation

Xenogears fan Willi-Billi has made a major announcement via the game’s subreddit. They have translated the previously final untranslated piece of supplemental Xenogears media, the novel A God Slaying Story.

Having taken roughly a year to translate, this 87-page story occurs three years before the start of the Xenogears story. It follows two prospectors who encounter a man named Grahf as they’re on a quest to gather materials and gears from ruins.

This is a pretty significant development that helps expand the scope of what Western fans can appreciate from this cherished IP—immense thanks to Willi-Billi for their efforts.

You can check out the translated story via Dropbox. The Japanese text has also been transcribed.

Xenogears is a PlayStation 1 JRPG that is often considered masterclass due to its intricately woven narrative and compelling setting. Many fans have been clamoring for it to receive an HD-2D remake as it has remained largely neglected aside from a PlayStation 3 PSN release.

Set in a world suffering from war, protagonist Fei Fong Wong eventually finds himself confronting a machine perceived as a god, Deus. Combat featured mecha-like components with useable mechs called Gears.

Xenogears was the first entry of the Xeno series, which is well-known nowadays for Xenoblade. However, unlike the rest of the games, Square Enix owns Xenogears, making the idea of a remake a curious one. Other Xeno games include the Xenosaga entries, which weren’t exactly significant commercial successes. Xenoblade on the Wii is when the franchise started to grow in popularity, especially in the West.

Three Xenogears songs were recently added to Theatrhythm Final Bar Line.

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