Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Fixes Significant UI Issues Found in the Original Release

The original Xenoblade Chronicles is undeniably a modern classic. But it suffers from its MMO style in the cluttered UI, both in and out of battle. Visual clutter and poorly placed UI elements make it hard to approach. YouTube user Design Doc’s series, Good Design, Bad Design, shows issues with the game in its eighth episode.

Thankfully, Monolithsoft got the memo, as the newest trailer for the remaster makes a point to show the changes. Almost as if responding to Design Doc directly, the battle HUD takes up less of the screen. Further, enemy HP bars are stuck at the top of the screen, instead of floating above an enemy as before. The extra graphical power of the Switch also leads to better character models and smoother looking UI elements.

The Definitive Edition of Xenoblade's cleaner battle interface.
With more horsepower, and a better resolution, Xenoblade’s new battle UI is a lot cleaner.

Of course, for fans of the original, the graphical updates might not even be the biggest news. The latest trailer also announced an epilogue chapter to “cap off the main game.” The new mini-campaign will take place on the Bionis Shoulder, an area cut from the original release, and only available through hacking.

It’s speculated that Bionis Shoulder would have been the location of Colony Six in the original game, and possibly the original connection region between Makna Forest and the Eryth Sea. The Future Connected story may or may not stay close to the original intent, but it’s incredible to be able to speculate about this modern classic again.

EDIT: A Japanese Nintendo article discussing the game has stated that the Future Connected side-story can be played at any time, despite being set after the end of the game. This is presumably to help players who’ve already beaten the game on another system.

The Bionis Shoulder, an area cut from the original.
Making sure to live up to the “Definitive” title, the Future Connected epilogue features the Bionis Shoulder.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition tells the story of Shulk, as he and his friends embark on a quest of revenge against the Mechon, who have destroyed their homes. The world exists on the back of two gods, Bionis and Mechonis, with a rivalry emerging between those who live on each of the giant creatures. Shulk discovers that he might play a more significant role in the fate of the world as he receives a vision. This is generally the spark that ignites the adventure as Shulk gathers his friends and sets out on a journey.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition launches on the 29th of May. The future can’t come soon enough.

You can watch the trailer below:

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