Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Future Redeemed DLC Reveals New Characters & Gameplay Details

Nintendo and Monolithsoft have revealed more new gameplay and character information for the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Future Redeemed DLC ahead of its launch later today.

We have compiled all of the revealed information in this article. Although note that certain terms and names may not be present in the official localization. Also, thanks to the fan-led Xenoblade_EN Twitter account for translating those specific phrases.

Like the base game of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Chain Attacks are present, though Union Orders are a newly added element. If two characters part of the same organization, like Shulk and Rex in the Liberators, utilize their Orders, you’ll gain access to a powerful special move ending the Chain Attack sequence. Further, some accessories can alter the effects of Chain Attacks, making the process highly customizable.

As you explore the world, you’ll encounter enemy strongholds and Fog Rifts. Defeating all of the foes in the former will grant you rewards, though they’re apparently quite strong and aggressive. As for Fog Rifts, potentially tying into the Future Connected scenario, mysterious foes called Fog Beasts will spawn from them.

One of the new characters is Panacea, a soldier who fights alongside Shulk and sees him as a master of sorts. She’s honest and stubborn, making her appear intimidating and relentless.

Another new character is the cautious Rinka, a soldier who works alongside Rex. She respects Rex as a mentor but often admonishes him for his rashness.

Shulk is a defender whose Class is Grand Soldier and is ideal for evasion and attack, likely making him adaptable to any situation. Additionally, his Monado Buster Art can devastate enemies regardless of their potential resistances and deal more damage once the weapon is in an Awakened state.

Rex is an attacker of the Master Driver Class who can overwhelm opponents with his twin swords boasting high critical hit rates. Like Shulk, his Infinity Blade Art will deal immense damage regardless of enemy defenses or resistances.

Following the attack on the City, protagonist Matthew can utilize the EX-Device to find and rescue survivors who can aid the party on their quest. Audio and visual cues will signal the player’s proximity to these comrades. Nikol can also enhance this tool at camps, granting greater exploration and combat usages, such as uncovering more enemy and area information. Of course, materials are required for these upgrades to occur.

Like in other Xenoblade Chronicles games, interacting with NPCs will form relationships and register them in the menu, where you can view their profiles. Bond Points can be earned by meeting new individuals and completing certain challenges related to them. Another element related to character interaction is Bonding Events, simply comprising scenes between the cast that will give you Bond Points.

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For more details as well as brief cutscene and gameplay clips, check out the official Xenoblade Chronicles Twitter account.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is now available for Nintendo Switch.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Future Redeemed will launch for Nintendo Switch on April 25, 2023.

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