Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Details Dual Protagonists Noah & Mio; Opposing Off-Seers

Publisher Nintendo has shared new details regarding crucial characters of the upcoming Monolithsoft developed Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The dual protagonists Noah and Mio received recent limelight via Nintendo’s official Twitter account, with their backgrounds being lightly touched upon.

Noah is a Keves soldier wielding an awfully familiar crimson-colored sword in combat. On the other hand, Mio is an Agnus soldier who boasts remarkable speed on the battlefield with excellent evasion. Additionally, both Noah and Mio are off-seers, individuals who “mourn for those who’ve lost their lives on the battlefield.”

The official Nintendo Europe page also hosts introductory details on the rest of the primary cast.

  • Lanz: An ally of Noah’s who wields a great sword that doubles as a shield
  • Eunie: A childhood friend of Noah and Lanz who has a sharp tongue and rough personality. She specializes in healing her allies in battle.
  • Taion: A tactician who fights alongside Mio using his smarts and insight.
  • Sena: This soldier is an ally of Mio and Taion. Despite her petite figure, Sena wields immense physical strength!

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is releasing for Nintendo Switch on September 2022.

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