Xbox Announces New Homescreen for Users; Rolling Out in Waves in the Coming Weeks

The home screen on a console can make or break the system for most users; it has to be stylish without being confusing. Xbox has always tried to redefine their home screens over the years to make it more customer friendly, and today they announced that a new home screen will be available.

Microsoft has taken the initiative and invested in an infrastructure that can be customized to fit an individual’s taste, further refining it from the years of feedback they have received from users.

This new home screen will be less cluttered than the previous iteration making more room for users to see their personalized background, allowing users to change it based on which game is selected. Microsoft has also made it easier for users to find and access their library of games, search, and other features by introducing a quick access bar at the top of the menu. Users will also be able to pin their favorite games, groups, and other tabs to the home screen for quick access.

They will also be introducing a better curation system for games that will be better curated for the individual user based on what they have already played and purchased. Finally, a media spotlight will highlight all video apps and content available to the user.

This new home screen is already available to a set of Xbox consoles today, and more will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Users can see an example of the new home screen below to get ready for the new update when it comes out.

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